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“Stranger Than Fiction” Gets An Enthusiastic Thumbs Up From Roger Ebert

Stranger Than Fiction is a meditation on life, art and romance, and on the kinds of responsibility we have. Such an uncommonly intelligent film does not often get made.” – Roger Ebert


Stranger than Fiction is a comedydramafantasy film directed by Marc Forster, written by Zach Helm, and starring Will Ferrell,Maggie GyllenhaalDustin HoffmanQueen Latifah, and Emma Thompson.

I was the CG Supervisor for Barxseven on this project, during Barxseven’s early startup days.  Our work on “Stranger Than Fiction” was largely one of challenging set-extensions with hand-held shots, and bleeding-bluescreens on sets that had much blue in the art direction.

Technically accurate models, pixel-perfect texture maps, resourcefully-efficient lighting-integration, and very exacting 3d camera tracking would sum up the bulk of our 3d challenges on this project.

If we did our job properly, the audience should have no idea that there are any computer-generated visual effects at all.

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