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MIKROS IMAGES, Montreal, Canada

Lead Lighting/Comp,“Mune” (all CG Feature Film)

RISING SUN PICTURES, Adelaide, Australia

Sequence Lead, “Gravity” (Feature Film)

BARXSEVEN, Montreal, Canada

Python Scripting: Nuke Pipeline Tool Developer,“Mirror Mirror” (Feature Film)

NEOREEL, Montreal, Canada

Senior Pre & Post-vis Artist,“Mirror Mirror” (Feature Film)

BARXSEVEN, Montreal, Canada

CG Supervisor & Lead Lighting TD  –  “Immortals” (Feature Film)


Massive TD / Maya artist / Python scripting for Massive Pipeline tools  –  “Allstate” (World Cup commercial with CG crowd)

CHARLEX, New York City, U.S.A

Rigging TD –  “Shapeshifter” (All-CG Short Film) & Numerous Commercials

A2M, Montreal, Canada

FX TD  –  “Wet” (Video Game Cutscenes using game engine)

BARXSEVEN, Montreal, Canada

CG Supervisor / Lead Lighting TD / Look Dev Artist  –  “Mr.Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” (Feature Film)

FX CARTEL, Montreal, Canada

CG Supervisor, Look Dev Artist  –  “Across the Universe” (Feature Film)

BARXSEVEN, Montreal, Canada

CG Supervisor / Look Dev Artist  –  “Stranger than Fiction” (Feature Film)

MOKKO STUDIO, Montreal, Canada

Freelance Animation Director  –  “Dare” cookie commercial

OKTOBOR, Auckland, New Zealand

Senior Digital Artist  –  “Unilever Comfort Fabric Softener” (High-end all-CG commercial  featuring characters made of photoreal cloth)

UBISOFT, Montreal, Canada

Character Animation  –  “Splinter Cell” (Cinematic for game)

METEOR STUDIOS, Montreal, Canada

Character Animation  –  “Prehistoric Worlds” (Discovery Channel Mini-Series)

“The Hobbit” (Cinematic for game)

“Scooby-Doo 2” (R&D Animation for Feature Film)

RISING SUN PICTURES, Sydney, Australia

Character Animation “George of the Jungle2” (Feature Film)

DIGITAL PICTURES, Sydney, Australia

Lead Character Animator

“Kellog’s Rice Krispies” featuring The PowerPuff Girls (Commercial using flash)

“Black Swan Beer” (Commercial)

ZSPACE, Sydney, Australia

Lead Character Animator  –  “Starhub Telco” (Commercial)

H5B5, Munich, Germany

Lead Character Animator  –  “The Biggest Step of All” (TV Series)

TAARNA STUDIOS, Montreal, Canada

Team Lead  –  “Adventures in Animation 3D” (IMAX 3D), aka “The Boxer”

Character Animation, Motion Capture, Dynamic Clothing Simulation, and Camera Animation for IMAX stereoscopic all-CG feature

CINEGROUP, Montreal, Canada

Traditional (2D) Animation – Animation Corrections Supervisor

“Student Bodies” (TV Series)

“Bad Dog” (TV Series)

“Princess Sissi” (TV Series)

“Anthony Ant” (TV Series)

CINAR, Montreal, Canada

Traditional (2D) Animation – Layout & Posing Artist

“Arthur” (TV Series)

“Animal Crackers” (TV Series)


B.F.A., Concordia University, Montreal

D.E.C. Pure & Applied Scienes, John Abbot College, Montreal

Loyola High School, Montreal




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