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DemoReel Breakdown



I was Barxseven’s CG Supervisor on this project.

I also did the lighting, rendering and look development for all the shots in this sequence.













I was Rigger/Animation TD for Charlex when I worked on this project.

I rigged the shattered impala pieces to be animated from their exploded state to their whole state, while deforming and in motion.
I also rigged & animated much of the vegetation in the background.
I rigged the fish for the underwater sequence, as well as many of the underwater coralreef lifeforms.

A full credit-list for the project can be found here.






Mr.Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

I was Barxseven’s hands-on CG Supervisor for this project.

I was on-set to take HDRI photos of the set lighting. I generally handled all the look dev and photoreal-integration.

For the sequence featuring the wooden dinosaur, I modeled, textured and rigged the dinosaur. I also did all the lighting and rendering for these shots, as well as helping to develop the in-house render-layers tools we created at the time. I helped develop the dynamic rig used for the hot air balloon.

For the “Room of Balls” sequence, I built the master light rig and supervised the lighting of all the shots. I developed the render-layer recipe we used for the cg integration. I supervised the asset creation for the many balls and I developed their respective shading networks, as part of the look dev process for integrating the balls into the room.  The giant dodgeball was a part of the room of balls sequence.

For the cube sequence, I did all the lighting & rendering for all the shots in this sequence, in addition to having done the modeling and texturing of the cube to match the live-action counterpart seamlessly.


















Stranger Than Fiction

I was the hands-on CG Supervisor for Barxseven on this project

This was largely a challenge of seamless photoreal CG integration with live-action footage.
I created all the CG assets for this sequence, both day and night versions (modelled the room and the buildings outside the windows as well as painting all the textures to match their live-action counterparts perfectly).

I did the look dev to develop an efficient rendering solution for seamless cg integration with limited resources

I also supervised the challenging 3d camera tracking.


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